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About the company

We've operated as a supplier of window and door accessories since 1995. Our company is based on Estonian capital, but we also work internationally. Thanks to our good network of resellers, our products can be found on the Estonian markets as well as those of our neighbouring countries markets. Our supply chain is spread across the globe, which involves collaboration with nearly 150 suppliers worldwide. 

Our main goal is to be a solid and reliable partner in terms of quality, price and security of supply to our existing and potential customers.  


Our product range includes 5000 different items: hinges, locks, handles, seals and slide systems, just to name a few. 

We try to meet the needs of our customers who have very many different wishes and financial means. Therefore, our range includes ultra-simple galvanised accessories as well as exclusive design products. 



Our company's supply network extends from Europe to Asia. We select suppliers based on the needs of the market and our customers.  Each particular supplier is evaluated in view of the quality, price level and suitability of their products for our market. There are names among our suppliers that are well-known in the world of locks from the Nordic countries, design-aware Central Europe and the home of mass production, Asia. 


The majority of our customers are window and door manufacturers and retail companies that operate on the market of building materials. In addition to industrial and trade sectors, there is increasingly more cooperation with interior designers and architects. 

Close cooperation with various customer groups and suppliers gives us a great opportunity to provide new innovative designs for windows and doors.